Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bitcoin Blogger Freeroll Results!

Short blog post to congratulate all who placed in the money - and particularly to Tony Big Charles, to took the thing down for [I believe] 180 chips. The results were as follows:
  1. lightning36 - Tony Big Charles
  2. cstationj
  3. wwwin
  4. SugarSugar - Lightning36 (they swapped screen names for whatever reason; don't think lightning had a choice in the matter)
  5. mhe34
  6. itsik78
  7. DonMagicJuan
I think it was a terrific turnout - around 30 runners. I saw bloggers like RobVegasPoker, CarmenSinCity & PetePPeters, as well as old school bloggers like cmitch who runs opoker. It was good to catch up; watching Heffmike get sucked out on within the first few minutes was a reminder of days of old - and of course, he was pissed! (Sorry Mike - wasn't me who did it!)

Anyway, once again - congratulations and thanks to all for playing.

Most importantly, thank you to Bryan Micon and Seals With Clubs for hosting the event & contributing the prize pool.


  1. Thanks very much for setting this up, it was fun. Very confusing trying to keep TBC, Lightning, and SugarSugar straight.

  2. Thanks again for setting this up. It was fun. I haven't been able to find out who felted heffmike. I hit a really nasty set of coolers against him in the old Mookie/blogger tournaments.

  3. Thank you for setting this up! I had a great time and I look forward to playing again. Just let me know when the next one is!!


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