Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What would you do? #225 - Facing a river bomb

Bodog $0.25/$0.50 No Limit Hold'em - 9 players
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MP2: $50.00
Hero (CO): $147.00
BTN: $39.17
SB: $45.00
BB: $27.46
UTG: $54.55
UTG+1: $58.00
UTG+2: $56.85
MP1: $38.90 - 55/16 / 1.2AF / 36% W$SD @ 141 hands

Pre Flop: ($0.75) Hero is CO with Qc Qh
3 folds, MP1 raises to $1.75, 1 fold, Hero raises to $6.50, 3 folds, MP1 calls $4.75

Flop: ($13.75) 6d Tc Ac (2 players)
MP1 checks, Hero bets $5.00, MP1 calls $5

Turn: ($23.75) 3s (2 players)
MP1 checks, Hero checks

River: ($23.75) Ts (2 players)
MP1 bets $23.75, Hero ???

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Hero calls $23.75

Even though he's an utter donkey, I feel like there are 2 hand types that have me (Ax & Tx), and 2 draws that never got there. I don't believe he's ever showing up with a boat here, as he wants to go for value rather than bomb.  However, I feel as though he's bombing the river often enough (41%) that he has to show up with a good portion of air.  This was the first time I bluff caught him on the night.  Good to know that he's capable of a river "shove."

Final Pot: $71.25
Hero shows Qc Qh
MP1 shows Jh Qs
Hero wins $68.25
(Rake: $3.00)


  1. I love snapping these guys off - they play half their hands, and represent the nuts on every river. The math, she don't add up!

    I'm interested in your tiny cbet size - what was the thinking there? Would a check behind work on this type of player?

  2. I feel as though I'm going to get check / raised with strong Aces and better, which is why I bet small such that my loss is minimal. However, when he c/c's, I can put him on mostly draws (mainly club draws).

    I check the turn to pot control, because I'm not 100% sure that he's on a draw - he could have weak Aces show up here, looking for a cheap showdown as well. I'm finding that a lot of the time, checking the turn induces a TON of river bluffs with these types of players.

    By the river, no draws have gotten there, and he's repping monster / air by his pot sized shove (I think he had like $2 behind). Given his monkey stats, I have trouble believing he's value bet shoving on me.

  3. I can't imagine not calling here given his fish stats.

  4. Since moving over to Bodog, it's been tough coming up with the WWYDs. I suppose that's the reason you see a lot more of the hands that make me smile...


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