Monday, December 2, 2013

News, notes & updates

First, a belated Happy Thanksgiving to my [remaining] readers.  I know it's been pretty quiet around here.  Between work, school and family, I haven't had much time to keep up with blog updates.  I've been lucky to get in a few poker sessions here & there, but the grind takes lowest precedence over the aforementioned activities.

I was in Chicago last week for less than 24 hours (day trips stink!) and had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with another blogger, Lightning36.  We've talked on the phone / exchanged emails / compared notes / played online poker together for years, but I had yet to meet him in person.  We met for a 2 hour breakfast, and I felt like it was no different than 2 old friends seeing each other once again.  In other words, the meet up was exactly how I'd imagine it would be.

Lightning36 & the Poker Meister
The family and I went to Massanutten Resort in the sticks of Virginia with another family, instead of stuffing ourselves with the traditional Turkey Day meal.  The kids had a blast at the indoor water park, which we followed up with snow tubing.  They had a blast and we all came back exhausted.  I got to ride a continuous wave machine, the Flow Rider:

(Watch in 720p / high definition)

It was a blast, and the kids had fun on it, too.  My youngest was a natural (like her dad :-) ) and was doing tricks within the first few seconds.  The resort amenities were pretty cool - there was a lot to do on site - but the room was simply awful!  It was rustic, to say the least - about the quality of what I'd imagine a Motel 6 to be like.  Whatever; we had fun.

The year is quickly coming to a close, and I'm feeling the pressure of all the things I have to do before the end.  I have a paper to write, a final to study for, a work trip to Huntsville, AL, and a host of other goodies.  I'm continuing to play online for Bitcoins - I've become a watcher of the price.  At the time of this writing, the price of Bitcoin stands slightly more than $1,000 USD!  Incredible!

Hope you all have happy holidays!


  1. Great meeting you! Interesting to find out that we had a common background in selling on eBay. Some days it was almost as much fun as playing poker.

  2. Glad you got to meet lightning. He's a great guy.


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