Thursday, December 19, 2013

Interesting bits from last night's session and prior sessions

I played a short session last night - all of 3 hours - before I got tired & decided to call it quits for the night.  Last night was the first night I've had free in... ohhh... say about 5 weeks?  Time has been sucked into a vortex for me; balancing between work, school, home, travel (work), etc., there has been very little time to get out and grind.

Regardless, I had a few interesting hands where I think I got lucky, but perhaps I made the correct decision:

First hand, 4th hand into the session - no particular reads on any of the players.

Original raiser had been semi-aggro in the 4 hands I'd seen him play; he raised once and called a raise once (in 4 hands; meaningless sample obv).  It limps around to dude and he raises to $11 in the BB.  Seeing the 5 limpers, I start the waterfall by calling with 9c8c.  3 limpers call and we see a $55 pot of TcJc5s.

He loads up and leads out for $31 - odd bet, but whatever...

I sit & think for a bit - should I call or take the aggro line...  True to myself, I take the aggro line and raise $45 on top.  Folds around and dude tanks a bit and just calls (we're playing $200 deep to start the hand).  Turn is a 5h and we check through.  I consider a shove here, but opt to just check, planning on shoving most / all rivers.  River is a 3s and he checks again.  I shove my ~$110 remaining and he insta-mucks.  Nice start.

Bit later, the table got very actiony when 3 middle age Chinese gentlemen sat down (separately, but all knew each other and were friends).  One was immediately pissed that I called him out on the "English only" rule...  he's having discussions about what I'd imagine to be the players.  These 3 guys were not afraid to put money in the pot and one particular guy was a decent hand reader.  Although he had position on me (immediately to my left) I was pretty sure he was trying to stay out of my way; he wasn't getting cutesy with raising when he sensed weakness or anything - he was fit or fold with me.

Anyway, I raise AJo to $10 from MP and get a LAG caller from the BTN and one of the blinds.

Flop comes 8c7c 2d.  Pretty meh flop, but worthy of a cbet.  I lead for $25 (I think - maybe it was $20) and LAG calls.  I put him on a draw.

Turn is 8d and we check through.  River is 3c and I check once again.  He looks at his cards, then the board - pauses for a moment, looks at me - and then bets $25.

I take pause and think about his body language and consider the information.  His whole demeanor screamed missed draw, but the club got him there, so can that be?  I think he always bets his turned trips, and if he's shy, then he's basically bluffing his hand now with the 3rd club out there.  Then I start thinking about the body language: he looked at me, picking up that I'm uncomfortable with the 3rd club, given the action in the hand.  He's turning his hand into a bluff - but the bullshit is whether or not he has a 7, 3 or 2 and doing this, or simply T9, 65 draws that missed altogether.  1/2 players are shitty like that - they don't know when their hands have showdown value, so they think they need to bluff the river.  Clearly, I should be calling all overpairs, especially for $25, so is that ever going to get me off my hand.  Regardless, I sit with AJ high, just 2 overcards - and not great overcards at that.  Eventually, I coax myself into a call and wait for him to flip.  As expected, he shows 65 and I flip AJ to scoop.  Although I don't think the call was that hard, the Asian guy to my left *CERTAINLY* took note and the kid to my right thought it was an excellent call.

Last hand in the post:
I raise TT (no heart) to $15 after one limper.  Get called in 2 spots (other gambly Asian dude and original limper).

$45 flop comes 3h 6h 8h and it checks to me.  I lead for $30 and get check raised by Asian fella - I think he raised to $75 or something; I didn't bother to get a count.  Original limper folds and I had expected him to do this, as he had been doing it all night.  I think he shows up with a ton of Ah x and just stupid draws, so I insta shove, putting him all in for $120.  I got an overpair and I'm not going anywhere; he's been bullying the table all night.

Well, he tanks & tanks and shows his neighbor his decision...  The one time I run into this ass when he has a hand!  He has JhJx!!!  As time runs, he finds his fold button (I'm shocked) and I scoop.

That's the second time I've aggro bet with the second best hand and gotten a fold at MDL - the first time, I'll describe in another post, because it's cringe worthy.


  1. I started reading this thinking you were playing on Seals haha. Not until you mentioned the three Asian guys sitting down did I realize it was "Live".

  2. I get the feeling that poker at MDL is a unique kind of animal.

    1. It's still not on the same level of Animal (yes, with a capital "A") as Charles Town was . . .

    2. It's just so strange, you never know what to expect from any of the players... Live poker there is so value-oriented, which is what makes my TT "bluff" so surprising. I chalk that up to luck and body posture.
      A. I'm surprised the guy didn't 3bet me PF.
      B. With the Jh, I'm surprised he didn't snap me off. I suppose he had me on QQ+ with XXh.


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