Thursday, January 17, 2013

Soliciting poker in the Charleston, SC or San Diego, CA?

I'll be traveling for work during the greater part of the next 2 weeks.  Next week, I'll be in Charleston, SC.  I don't believe they have live poker there, but I may be amiss.  Do any of my readers have any suggestions?

The following week, I'll be in Rancho Bernardo, CA (near San Diego).  I know that I can drive up to LA for the Bike / Commerce / Hustler Club / Hollywood / etc.  Is there anything in the local area worthy of a visit?  I've been to San Diego countless times, though never found a poker room.  Any suggestions?


  1. There are apparently a lot of card rooms near SD. There is an entire thread on 2+2 under Brick and Mortar / regional communities.

    Fromwhat I can tell, the biggest issue is the capped buy-ins. They have funny rules, particularly for $1/2 NL....

  2. Yeah... must be nice being able to get to 2p2 from work... Google is my only friend here and this is what I could find close to where I'll be:
    Palomar Card Club
    Oceans Eleven Casino
    Barona Valley Ranch Resort & Casino
    Sycuan Casino

    Each are >20 min & <45 min.

  3. I'd be more than shocked if S.C. had any sort of poker.

    You asked previously about New Orleans. The poker is at Harrah's which is near Bourbon Street. I've taken a Mississippi River boat cruise I enjoyed. Twice I took bus tours (one was a Katrina tour) that I enjoyed. I've also enjoyed just walking around the French Quarter (Jackson Street etc.) and checking out the sites, the mimes, and other stuff.

  4. check out sycuan, and tell me how cheap hotel rooms are and if theres a VBJ machine. i want to see that $1-3 spread limit stud 8 game.

  5. Seems like people had good things to say about Sycuan. Although, I get the general sense that game selection at all these places may not be what we've come to expect in the Mid Atlantic area . . .

  6. I will check out the Sycuan. However, Tony, I will not report back on the VBJ machines. In addition to not knowing what is a good or bad machine, I do not want to encourage an addict to his addiction. I will also find out about the hotel room rates for you.

    Trip report forthcoming - 2 weeks.


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