Wednesday, January 9, 2013

From the timebank; Raising AKo in position at Ctown

The following hand takes place a few weeks ago, where I went on a complete heater at Charles Town and tore up the table:

I'm dealt AKo mid position.  I raise to $14 and get two callers - tight-ish, cute blonde girl mid 20's (SB), and a lagtard (mid position limp / caller).  I think I have both covered; blondie has $78 and lagtard has $~160(?) and I have position on both of them for this hand.

Flop comes down A J T rainbow.  Blondie immediately open shoves $78 into $42 and folds out the lagtard.  I'm facing a $78 call into $42.  Prior hands I've seen her play Aces in continual c/c mode.  She's somewhat passive, but has seen me make a few moves that undoubtedly she didn't understand (i.e. raising draws, check raising air, etc.).  She views me as supremely aggressive and volatile.  Am I making a mistake snapping her off here with TPTK + the draw or should I always be calling all short stacks like this?  She's not a short stack player - she bled her chips down to a shorty.

FWIW, she showed down AJ for flopped Aces up.  I sucked out to the Q on the turn and the hand was over.

I'm not sure I think this is a huge leak either way; perhaps it is due to her passive nature - she could potentially show up with a set of Tens or Jacks - but I really think she wants the pot immediately with any Ace in her hand, not wanting to see the turn K or Q and having to guess the rest of the way out of position.  I feel like folding TPTK with $42 in the middle is just so weak with such a short stack behind.  Clearly, I'm not getting the correct price for the hand she held, but I honestly think there's so many more hands that she shows here where I'm way ahead...


  1. I worry when you say she's "tight-ish", because it limits the worse aces she can have. I probably call also though, this can be KJ/AQ and some worse aces.

  2. I'm always calling there too....question for you --- I am looking to play 2/5 later this month when i get a night away from the family. the drive times to CT and Del park are just about equal. Can you give me the pros and cons of each and what you would choose? thanks.

  3. @davidmartin - It's really a toss up. I think you make a ton more money at Ctown if you're willing to gamble it up on speculative hands because they'll always pay you off there. However, it hurts you in short term sessions because you bleed lots of money when you miss your draws / miss your limp / call / folds if you're a 100% value kinda guy.

    On the Delaware side, you can push people off hands easily when you raise / cbet. They're not as sticky with their hands and certainly not as willing to gamble. I'd liken DP to Atlantic City.

    From a tangible perspective, here's the rundown:
    Charles Town has FAR more players and, accordingly, a LOT bigger room. The chips are real clay chips. There are no tolls (at least for me) to get to Ctown. It's also (for me) 45 minutes away. There are no player rewards.

    Delaware Park is a smaller room with less players - mind you they have at least 5-10 1/2 games and a handful of 2/5 games (when I was there on Wednesday of last week they had 2 2/5 games going during the day). The chips are plastic and have a different weight, making handling them weird. I have to pay $20-30 in tolls to get to DP. It's 1 1/2 hours away driving. They give you rewards at the rate of $0.50 - $1.00 / hr.

  4. PM--- thanks for the response and detail. i am very,very loose and usually win/lose big in any one session. i'm leaning towards CT at this point -- i'm coming from the Towson,MD area, so about 1hr 15 minutes i think. last question --- are alcoholic drinks free at both casinos?

  5. As far as alcohol is concerned, I haven't a clue, as I generally never drink while I'm playing. Sorry.

    I think tap beer and rail alcohol is free at Ctown, but no clue about DP.

  6. PM, this reminds me of one of the bad plays I made when I took my recent trip to the Bethlehem Sands. I had QQ and the flop was 9-high. After some action, a tight-ish player shoved all-in. I had appeared aggressive, so like you, I presumed that perhaps he wanted to put me to the test and take down the pot uncontested. But somewhere deep down inside of me, I knew he had the set. I called, he showed the set of 9s and I lost most of my profit (this was before the big comeback).

    It seems to me that you and I fell for the same trap. At these levels, the tight-ish players are more likely to overpush all-in with a strong hand. She was signaling top two pair and you ignored the signal, much like I ignored that the guy basically telegraphing his set of 9s. I think more often than not, live, these players have strong hands. Online, it's a different story, but live, people are less likely to make wild plays or put their stack on the line with middle or weak hands.

  7. PS - Is there a way to change your comment settings. I can never read the letters/number right. Each time, it takes me three times to make an actual comment. I understand the need for a filter, but are there alternative filters available? If not, no problem.

  8. @Jordan - Yeah, I agree about the overshove repping more strength. I just felt like this is the type of player who would overvalue her hand more frequently than show up with a set or two pair. Cross that with the small draw I had and the small stack she had - I added it up to a call. 7 outs may not be great to draw to, but at least it's not zero equity. Undoubtedly, I've made worse calls...

  9. As for the comments, the only way I know how to accept comments with filter is through that awful work verification. I sympathize; I hate going through that stupid thing on other people's sites. On the other hand, I've been seeing a TON of spam comments on the other sites and I'm simply not getting that here [likely] because of the filter system.


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