Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Short trip report from San Diego - Oceans Eleven Casino

This post will read more like a stream of conciousness because I'm sitting in meetings and only have a few minutes to bang this out.

I only had around 2 hours of play time before I got tired and packed up to head back to the hotel.  However, those were 2 nicely profitable hours.  I was able to steal at will, constantly raising the BTN / CO and getting little to no resistance.  I played 2/3 $300 and doubled through on a flush over flush (I nutted, he had the KQ high flush).  It was an interesting hand because I was able to check / raise 2 streets...  despite, I took home nearly a buy in during those 2 hours.

These players are *AWFUL*. The guy in the seat 1 would call call call only to suckout and get lucky on *MULTIPLE* occasions.  I saw him call a shove with a non-nut flush draw vs. another player's set of Aces.  He flatted my $20 open in position against my AA and we saw a flop of Q T 9 rainbow.  I lead $35 into the $40 pot and his hands started shaking.  He carved out the $35 then took a long time before fumbling with his chips and adding up a raise of $80-90 on top... it didn't even matter; my read was so strong on his hand that I insta-mucked the minute he started fumbling.  Of course, he flipped QT for flopped 2 pair...  nice $35 for the trouble :-).  The table was wowed by my insta-muck, but I *KNEW* it -  and it was nice to be reassured when he flipped his 2 cards to show the 2 pair.

As I was saying, these players were weak / passive.  There were few exceptions, but for the most part, I steam rolled this table and felt damn good about it.  I was the cocky ass a the table and no one could do anything about it :-).


  1. Dang -- you are getting a little cocky there, sir. : o )

  2. Nice. How far outside SD? I'm gonna head down for a Mets-Padres series in August, and might spend a few evenings playing. Harrah's Rincon looks a bit far . . .

  3. @lighting - I've found that when I act the cocky SOB, it gets the older curmudgeonly folks to try and "show me up" and "make a move." This usually puts them outside of their comfort zones, which in turn allows me to put them to more difficult decisions. It's a good cycle to be in when that happens.

    @PPP - There are 4 or so casinos throughout the area. I think you'll find one convenient wherever you stay. I'm staying at Torrey Pines (where the golf tournament was just held) in La Jolla. Ocean's Eleven casino is about 30 minutes from there.

  4. Come on, dude. Don't call lightning old and curmudgeonly . . . even if it is true

  5. :-) I still have yet to meet the grey beard... so I can't confirm the curmudgeonly part. Old, yes :-). You know something... I have only met one blogger in real life throughout all my years of blogging.

  6. Meister, your response to lightning just shows why I admire your play and style so much. Also, it is sometimes hard to listen to that nagging voice when you have AA and know you are beat. The fact that you listen to it is commendable.

    Now, let's find an opportunity to play together. President's Day in AC?

  7. Thanks for the compliment, Jman. AC happens to be the hardest of all places to get to that are "local." It's 3 hours - It's an overnight room and away from home and the kids / wife in a non-essential trip... very difficult to get buy in from the wife.

    However, maybe we could do Parx or something in Philly which is a little more palatable? Del Park is close enough as well - and I know you haven't been there. I could probably pick you up from a bus stop en route. Whatever... we'll figure something out one of these years :-).


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