Friday, June 29, 2012

What goes down must go up....

Short post: I had a very very decent session at the 1-2 Ctown tables last night.  I was dealt Aces 4 times within 6 hours, got dealt 2 sets and a nice sprinkling of flushes and straights.  I got paid on nearly all of my hands, and more than overcame the run bad I experienced the other night at Ctown.  My table was absolutely TERRIBLE - 2 competent regs and the rest totally loose passive players who would fit or fold the flop - a great setup.

Charles Town opened their newly relocated poker room on Wednesday, so I was playing in it on the second day that it was open.  What a difference!  They situated it downstairs, steps away from the table games, with plenty of slot machines within eye shot.  The location is SO MUCH better than before; there were a TON of walk-ins from slots / tables, which is precisely what I want as a player.  The result was a ton of action without any tough decisions.  They kept the old poker room upstairs for tournaments - 30 tables - while the new poker room holds 26 tables or thereabout.  Needless to say, I was extremely happy with the new setup and the results.

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  1. Dang -- sounds like the poker gods threw you a bone. Take it!


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