Monday, June 11, 2012

Shotting 2-5 @ CTown

I'm getting ready to take a shot at the 2/5 game at Charles Town.  From my limited research throughout the web, I've concluded that 10x BB per hour is considered "crushing the game."  While my averages are not quite $20 / hr at 1/2, they're within ~10% of that mark.  With a decent sample size under my belt, and my recent work getting me back in the black for Ctown, I think I owe it to myself to try it out.  My plan is to short stack the game, buying in for $200, to get a feel for how different it plays.  I intend to look for spots to 3-bet shove, playing the spoiler of short stacker, but mainly want to see what it's like.  The lure of $50 / hr is calling my name.  I'm ready to answer the call.


  1. Good luck. Keep us posted as to how you do.

  2. Generally, be prepared to play against a better caliber of player. Good luck!

  3. If I was to compare the 1/2 players live to .05/.10 players online, what could I compare the 2/5 players to? I was a decent winner online; I'd imagine that the average 2/5 player cannot be better than the average .50/$1.00 player online... I suppose they'll be a little less transparent; checking more flops more often, but I wonder whether the jump in stakes will get me away from the typical ctwon BS of 5-way to a flop in a raised pot...?

  4. Definitely give updates. I hear C-Town is full of donkeys.

  5. Attack loose openers, especially in spots where people flat call the loose openers range. Those are the juiciest 3-bet shove spots because you are winning out right profit a lot of the time and even when you're called you're getting a fantastic price with generally 45%+ equity. Very profitable spot, but the key is that you attack the loose openers that will fold to a $200 shove. The stations and gamblers can mess up the profitability of this play.

    Outside of that, you're playing 2 street poker so I would have a pretty tight range. Don't worry the 2/5 games at CT are juicy and they won't give you much respect when you sit down with $200, especially if they see you make a ship all in pre-flop play.

    We can talk more on the drive up since I think it's my turn to drive.


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