Monday, June 25, 2012

2-5 Recap & a taste of Caesars AC poker room

This post is a few days late; I've been busy going from one vacation to the next.  I was in Ocean City at the beach last week, while this past weekend, my family & I made our way up to Long Island, NY for a birthday party for my wife's aunt who turned 80 years old.  We stopped at AC along the way up to NY, and I was able to get in a 5 hour session at Caesars (their bad beat jackpot was north of $500k, and they pay out all of the Harrah's / Caesars properties when someone hits it).

2-5 @ Charles Town:  Not much to report here.  I lost around $50, short stacking, trying to find a hand to shove with good equity.  I made a limp / raise plays when the money in the pot got decent (i.e. limp - limp - limp - raise - call - call I raise 3-4x and get folds), but other than that, in the 2 hours I played, it was fold fold fold for me.  I sat down at the 1-2 table, realizing that I wanted to play a little poker rather than sit & wait for a hand with a 40BB stack.  I sat down and ran into two hands where I was favorite and got crushed (one was an OESFD + overcard, AI on the flop & instasnapped by a donkey with nothing more than top pair, and one was AI on the turn with AA vs. TP improved to top two on the riv).  This was the first time I had ever run through my pocket bank roll at a casino, and could not rebuy as I had expended all of my money (of course I could have hit the ATM, but it was late and I didn't really want to do that).
I think the 2-5 game played a little more aggressively than the 1-2 game; I saw a lot more check / raises and slow played medium strength hands; I'm not really sure what to make of that.  I suppose the players give each other a bit more respect for their folding capabilities and allow each other to "catch up" a little bit, but there was a certain trickiness to the element of play.  I was able to read each player fairly accurately, though - just as other players were able to do to each other.  It remains to be seen whether I'll go back to play 2-5 again; it may become an every-so-often type of thing as opposed to a regular thing.

1-2 @ Caesars / Atlantic City: Wow.  This was a calling station fest.  I didn't really hit any hands here either, though I did walk away +$50.  I was able to run a play or two (check / raise 2 players on an A high board on the turn where I knew both scared of Aces up; had a OES draw).  These players were the antithesis of Charles Town players - totally readable and ABC.  I saw one player limp everything, hit 2nd set (Jacks) on an Ace high board and check / call a river bet vs. bottom set (no draws on the board, just the second stone nuts), limp KK and get paid by the same player, and hit all manners of odd straights and flushes but never bet / raise and get paid the minimum.  He walked, or I believe was in a wheelchair, so rolled away with +$400 or so.  It is maddening to watch donkeys luckbox their way into hands and then not get paid.  Give me those hands!  Regardless, I did not hit the bad beat, nor did anyone at the other properties.  Oh well.


  1. "from one vacation to the next..." Nice!

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