Friday, April 6, 2012

Thursdays at Charles Town

I am slowly coming around to the idea that my continual poor results at the casino in Charles Town are due to the days of the week that I'm playing.  In the past, I'd primarily play Fridays and Saturdays - prime days in which the gamblers are playing any two cards, the games are far more aggressive, and I'm the one playing more fish-like, in that I'm calling more and raising less.  This is due to an overall lack of cards, but more so being continually drawn out on.  Raises on a Friday and Saturday are met with no respect, and a $15 raise at 1/2 fetches 4-5 callers...  heck, a solid 3-bet can get 3 callers.  Regardless whether I have the best holdings pre-flop, chances are, without a pair, that I won't have the cards when I see the flop.  This is in polar contrast to playing Thursday nights, which I've been playing the last 2-3 sessions.  Raises get far more respect, and even though the post flop play is just as bad at 1/2 during any night of the week, Thursday-night players are not there to gamble it up with literally any two cards.

It's funny; I would figure that I want callers when I'm raising - my PF raises are nearly 100% value-oriented, 0% bluff-oriented.  The amazing thing is that these players don't care that they're behind PF, and clearly have no recognition that they're not getting paid when they hit their flushes or straights.  I should do better on Fridays and Saturdays over Thursdays because I'm getting the calls I want.  However, when that father variance rears his ugly head (which I've seen at Charles Town since I've been playing there), I can't allow myself to get called down to the river holding my Ace-King high vs. a villain's Ace-9 which happened to flop top pair.  Or the best is the typical AK 3-bet vs. Ax  setup hand where they call the $50-60 flop bet and turn two pair to stack me on the turn / river.

I'm tilting myself now, thinking about the nastiness that I've experienced at Charles Town.  I'm actually showing a profit for Charles Town in 2012.  I'll try to continue the Thursday night trend :-).

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  1. In the long run, don't you want them calling with raggy aces? Don't over-think it.


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