Monday, April 9, 2012

Sunday night at Charles Town

I got a rare Sunday night to play poker; I continue to have solid success playing there.  Although my sessions are short-ish, I'm playing tight and smart.  I doubled through with KK three hands (AIPF) into the night (vs. QQ) and AA on a 8 8 3 board (AI vs. 9 9).  Those were the major hands of note; it was not a slow bleed of limp / fold or raise / call / fold action.  The tables on the "off" nights, i.e. non-Friday / Saturday, continue to be soft as can be, with action typically limping around and getting to see flops cheaply.  With these players, I can establish myself as the tight player I am, and my raises get lots of respect.  I can typically make a move from the BTN when it is limped to me where I'll raise to $15-$17, allowing me to take down the dead money without a fight.  Fun times, fun times indeed.  I'd like to have a day devoted to a session, as I am not a huge fan of these mini- 3 hour sessions.

Last Thursday night, I went looking for Mr. NewinNov at the Omaha 5/5 tables, but no one admitted to being from Alexandria, VA.  Hey Newin, if you read this: leave a comment with your name, so that I can ask for you by name and introduce myself to you.

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