Monday, January 31, 2011

TwoPlusTwo's master thread on the "Complete Guide To Beating The Micros"

As I posted a few days ago, I've been playing down to 25NL for the lack of games at 50NL.  I've seen some 50NL regs doing the same - SHROMI is down there with me, as well as a few others.  Since I'm so used to 50NL, it's astounding how easy the value is to get out of these players - in some respects, it's far more profitable for me to play 25NL instead of 50NL.  These players are much more likely to call off with their TP holdings, or chase those flush draws for poor odds.  In particular, I've been getting huge value from the players who don't seem to get when I float their cbet on an Ace high flop on a completely dry board.  Of course, their typical next move is to check the turn and I take it down with a "value bet."  Regardless, one of my poker buddies sent me a link to a thread that I had read long ago, but still holds a lot of value for players who are just starting out or trying to gain traction in the micros.


Check it out - it's a comprehensive guide, covering a TON of concepts and tactics.  It also pretty accurately describes the different limits from 2NL - 25NL and the typical players.

Good luck on the tables!


  1. I saw you were second on the leader board -- good job.

  2. 1.) That SirCuddles guide is really, really dated. The author is something of a dilletante who never, himself, beat the micros.

    I'm surprised someone with your experience finds it useful.

    2.) Could you talk some more about when you float flops and bet turns?

    1. I beat 5-25NL (started at 5/10) and was working on 50NL (ran about even) before I cashed out and stopped playing. I wrote the guide for players who aren't even posting a profit at 5-25NL, as a way to at least break even. It worked for many, and playing weak tight will always beat poor players.

  3. Funny. I still find it a very good fundamentals guide. It probably doesn't cover blind stealing, but it is a good basic guide.

    Regardless, I will try to put a post together regarding floating flops / bet turns.


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