Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rakeback agreements

I've been wanting to put a post together regarding the importance of rakeback. Some of you may know what this is, but in the event that you don't, let me explain. Rakeback is an agreement between an affiliate of a poker site and a player, where it offers the player a percentage of the rake paid to the affiliated site back to the player. In exchange, the player signs up with the affiliate, enabling the affiliate to collect the "royalties" from the poker site and pay out a percentage of their take directly to the player. This is a very lucrative offering; for example, on Full Tilt, where I play, I get about 27% of the rake paid, back. If you're not already using rakeback, you're being plain silly.

The downside to the rakeback is it is usually available on new accounts only. If you are looking to sign up for a new account, click the link or ping me, and I will send out an invite to you to join the network. Another downside to rakeback is that you usually can't spend your earned poker points without taking a hit to your future rakeback. For example. if I wanted to play in a tournament using my Frequent Player Points (FPPs) or buy a shirt or other branded gear, I would cease to receive rakeback on the commensurate amount going forward, until the FPPs are "paid back." Raketherake can never deduct money from my account, but they will stop payment.
Standard disclaimer: For each sign up I refer through the link, I get a piece of your rakeback (which is transparent to you; you still receive your full rakeback due).

Use this link to sign up for rakeback:

Enough pimping; since March, I have received over $135 in rakeback, which is an enormous amount compared to the stakes I am playing. It is pure profit, and directly related to the amount of poker I play; the more I play, the more I receive in rakeback. In fact, I think a break even player can live on rakeback. It's gravy; I'm going to play poker regardless of whether or not I have a rakeback agreement, but I still get it for doing nothing.

That said, sign up for a rakeback account today.

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