Sunday, November 13, 2022

The worst hand history replayer!

 Hello all [or whomever peruses this site after several years of absence]!  Been a long time - been playing on Global and BetOnline.  Moreso BetOnline of late because it allows HUDs and I was running in place with the HUD-less Global.  Not to say that there's no money to be made at that site; there definitely is!  It just takes far more concentration.

Hand of the day is nothing really of consequence but more of a brag post of the villain spazzing out:

Not sure if you can see it, but I steal from the HJ with the powerful 52s.  My opponent, who's been very verbal in the chat box, decides to 3bet me to 10BB.  Mind you we're around 200BB to start the hand so we're pretty deep...  SB & BB fold and I decide to flat and take a flop.  Pretty easy hand to get away from if I miss.  If I hit, I'm looking at knocking it out of the park given how big he talks in chat and his prior hands - he's complaining particularly about my lack of hand quality that shows down and wins (i.e. QT vs. his T8s, or his witnessed turned set of mine vs. my opponent's overpair...)  He's seeing what he perceives as generally fishy play and in his mind he confirms it as he dumps his stack to me...

Anyway, back to the hand: I of course flop magic (would I be posting a folded 3bet pot on the flop otherwise :-) ???).  I lead given his strong-ish 3bet and he decides to jack me to all in (WTF????  Couldn't you accomplish the same thing by just raising a normal amount and deciding from there???).  Needless to say, by the end of the hand, all he's left with is and empty stack while muttering to himself...  At least he'll have a good story!

Monday, February 21, 2022

Continued adjustments

I'm playing a lot of volume online once again.  I'm continuing to play 6max, and playing between 6-7 tables.  The timer on Global Poker is so short that I can't think and move my mouse fast enough to keep up without timing out...  At any rate, I've made quite a few adjustments lately in lieu of seeing the garbage that I get called by.  My thought process is that I've been allowing my fish opponents too much leeway and they can correctly call a lot more the longer their stacks are.

  1. My open sizes when I have limps in the pot has been amped up.  I'm opening .65 for one limper + .1 for each additional limper.  This shortens stack depths significantly and forces my opponents who are looking to limp call into making very large mistakes.  Getting the stack depth down to a 10:1 call instead of 15: or 20:1 is a big change and makes the flopped pots much much larger.  It also makes my mistakes (i.e. shoving AK high into a 7 high board) much more palatable.  To my opponents, in those instances, I look like a huge fish even though they're the ones calling off after limp calling 73o for example.
  2. My 3bet sizing is MUCH larger - with very short stacks afterwards.  A typical open to .3 from my opponent will be met with a response of 1.35 or even 1.45.  An open plus a cold call will get an even bigger 3bet.  I realized my opponents are calling very large 3bets PF, and my 3bet range is usually WAY ahead of their open range.  It's such strange behavior; I've seen some players play a short stack of $4, open and call $1.25 only to fold a fairly innocuous flop.  Seriously?  FWIW, 4bets will go half stacks.
  3. Keep my opens smaller.  It makes me look like I'm in a TON of pots when I'm constantly opening for .3 - which is pretty true.  My opening range is roughly 50/50 their limping range.  If I open, I can usually pick up the pot with a cbet when they miss, frequently when I'm up against a hand that dominates me because we'll both have missed.  As an aside, I believe that I get so many callers when I've opened a pot because they think that I'm over the top aggro and playing too many hands.  Ironically, they're play 74s or 92s or 76o...
  4. Fold out my opens when getting 3bet.  Obviously this is hand dependent, but .3 is sorta a "suck me" bet as an open.  If I'm getting 3bet, the vast majority of the time I'm beat because this player pool is so weak passive.  They're generally not 3betting air though I've caught quite a few who ship it with T9s, etc.
  5. Stealing for .5 when I have a very loose caller in the blinds.  The more likely my opponent is to defend at any cost and c/f flops, I'm upping my open sizing to .5.  Simple cbets will get them to c/f flops.
  6. Out of position opens are always .75 for one limper and +.1 for each additional limper.  If I'm opening out of position (e.g. the blinds) then they're going to pay for it.
It's just such a wild wild west rodeo out there...  One of my poker buddies put it succinctly: they're playing "street poker" where it doesn't matter the cards they're holding...

Second post of the year!  Don't call it a comeback!

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