Monday, October 27, 2014

I got a chance to play!

Been a LOOOONNNNNGGGGG time since my last post!  I decided to take last Friday off & head up to Maryland Live! for a bit of the pokers.  I was pleased with the result, although it felt like an up & down session for the majority of the day.  In my last hour, I was able to pick off a bluff with an overpair for most of my profit:

Raise $15 from the BTN after 3-4 limpers with T T.  One caller and we see a pretty blank flop:

8 6 2 - 2 clubs.  I cbet $20 and the seemingly noob flats.  I had seen him bet and bet big to get people off their hands in the past (including me - K high board & I have AA, K turn and he open shoves $200 which I fold).  Turn is another 2.  I'm never putting him on a 2x here, but he leads for $60 and I think and flat.  River is a complete blank and he shoves $160 remaining.  I sit & contemplate... eventually talking myself into calling.  He shows AK & I scoop.  Whhheeeee!!!!  Easy game.

Anyway, I've been busy with school, work, family, etc.  There's been little to no time for poker in my life right now.  Oh well...  I did get a new baby:

It's a Porsche Boxster S!  I've always wanted a Boxster ever since they came out in 1997 - and finally found the one I wanted!  I had been looking for around 6 months prior to finding this one...  This car just completes my eccentric driveway of cars; I now have a:
Toyota Sienna (for the kiddies to be comfortable)
Nissan Leaf (for the commute back & forth to work)
Porsche Boxster (for the weekends)


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