Friday, August 30, 2013

A classic from the Chuck!

It's been awhile since my last post.  Quick rundown of the past month (in no particular order):
Mild downturn in poker
Bad play in poker
Lack of sleep (probably a factor in my downturn / bad play)
Put my dog to sleep
Vacation to Myrtle Beach
School started
Work is a bit hectic

 Anyway, I haven't had a reason to post until I saw this classic from a fellow reader:

I just had to share this poker hand with you, it is without a doubt the absolute worst hand I have ever watched being played but two very bad players. It witnessed this foolery of course at the Chuck last Monday evening. The two players involved were older "good old boy redneck" types, one at seat 10 and the other at seat 1.

For your reading pleasure or horror, which ever may apply. Onto the hand.........

I had just changed tables and shortly after I arrived I watched the absolute worst played hand I have ever seen unfold before my eyes. I cannot recall exactly how the action started but the pot was raised to 12.00 and called by several players. I was card dead and had my usual 10 2 off suit so I folded out and was not involved.

Flop comes:

K 3 A rainbow.

Player in seat 10 bets out pot, 40.00 or so I think. Action goes to seat 1 who over bets and shoves "all in" for 220.00. Everyone folds and the action goes to seat 10 who is contemplating a call.

Seat 1 suddenly stands up and says, "don't do it, I have two pair" and then puts his cards face up on the table.

He shows K 3 of diamonds.

Seat 10 looks stunned and says, "What just happend?" Dealer says, "The player just showed you his cards sir he has shown K 3 of diamonds, the action is to you and it's 180.00 more if you want to call".

Seat 10 thinks and thinks and still looks stunned. He then fucking calls and turns over A J. WHAT THE FUCK??? OH MY GOD, HOW CAN YOU DO THAT?

So seat 1 shoves all in with just two pair and then shows his hand? Knowing that he's beaten Seat 10 calls for 180.00 more? What kind of fuck donkery is going on here? Am I dreaming, is this even real? No, it's Charles Town.

Turn and river brick, seat 1 rakes in a massive pot.

For the record this took place on table 22 on Monday 8-26-2013 at or around 6:00 PM.  

About 45 minutes later seat 1 has lost all those chips and is reaching into his wallet, pulling out hundreds and re buying. I watched him go down another 400 - 500 before he left.

Unfortunately for me I was not able to capitalize, I was totally and utterly card dead and a lot of hands were going to show down. Not a good table for trying to run bluffs, but a great table if you have a good hand.

Anyway I thought you might get a laugh out of that one. Feel free to post on your blog.


FWIW, Maryland Live opened a few days ago.  I'm going to try to get in a few hours to check it out on Monday.

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