Thursday, October 6, 2016

A very very deep run by a friend of mine...

Congratulations, Ryan!

A friend of mine, Ryan Belz, (one of the guys I went out to Vegas with earlier in the year) satellited into WPT Maryland! World Poker Tour Main Event at Maryland Live! last weekend.  I was playing over at the 'Shoe, while he was grinding away, ending the night with a ticket to the main event.  Between family time, holidays, and work, I was trying to keep tabs on him all this week.  Wednesday night it became real; he worked his way down to the final table!

Last night, I couldn't get up to Live! to go rail him, but fortunately, some of my friends were able to root in his corner as he worked his way to heads up against Zachary Smiley.  Unfortunately, he couldn't stick out the win, but he definitely scored big with his runner-up finish!  Awesome work, Ryan!

This is the first of my little poker group to make a big score.  Hopefully, this is the start of something special!


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