Thursday, May 28, 2015

Last Friday's summary

I took a 5 day weekend culminating in Memorial Day this past Monday.  With no family plans (kids are in school), I decided to go & play in Baltimore on Thursday and Friday.  Unfortunately, I was card dead for the huge majority of the time; I was fighting being in for a buy in until I finally hit a cooler against a kid who considers himself a pro.  As played, I feel I could have gotten away from the hand; it likens back to the hand that played out a few weeks ago against the drunk kid who bet 2 buy ins on the river.

Again, this is against a self-titled pro:

1/3 - Deep stacked $800 effective stacks, I'm dealt AA in mid position, I raise to $20.
Called in 2-3 spots and we see a flop of Ad Kd 3s.
I lead for $25 and "pro" raises to $55.  Note: pro hasn't gotten out of line since I've been at the table, quietly going about his business and not getting aggressive unless he shows down the nuts.
I size up the situation, realizing that he's never folding my next bet, so I raise to $165 - he snap calls.  I put him on a set of 3's.

Turn is 2c - I lead for $300 and he raises all in for $565 remaining - I obviously snap call and he never shows his 3's.

River runs clean and I scoop a huge pot.

Next day, I'm playing during the day with $365 effective - I call a $15 raise with 4 4, as does an annoying woman to my left.

Flop comes K Q 6 and it checks through (I'm ready to check out if there's a bet).

Turn is a 4 putting out 2 spades and annoying woman leads for $45.  I raise to $120 and she insta shoves.  I call and am shown KK.

Nice no 3bet and nice flop check.  I'm outplayed and I'm done for the second session in as many days :-(.


  1. if all he can put you on is AA/KK/AK, then he's behind 6 combos and ahead of 9. He could also put some royal combo draws in there. I think he's gotta go with it.

  2. Sets are just brutal. Just shrug and move on.

  3. Agree with Matt...he can't really ever fold if he truly has 333.

    I wouldn't be looking for reasons to fold sets 120BB deep at 1/3...standard

    1. I'm absolutely not folding my set for 120BB deep (I consider that a cooler), but 200 BB deep or deeper? Yeah - I'm seriously considering folding if I'm him.

      Given our prior play (we've played together all night and he's never seen me get out of line for 50 or 100 BB - let alone 200 BB. and vice versa with him), he knows I'm solid and I know he's solid. If I'm giving so much action, it indicates I really like my hand, many times much more than a draw. As Matt pointed out above, though, there are more hands that have me on AK than AA / KK. However, having never gotten out of line, wouldn't I slow down quite a bit with a top two hand? Wouldn't I consider that my AK is up against a set... or against another AK?

      If that makes either of our play exploitable, so be it - more power to the villain for realizing that I'm only calling off the very top of my range and he can put 200BB into a smaller 100BB pot to take me off my hand (i.e. my betting 100BB + calling 100BB in a 100BB pot). Bottom line: I think it's a big mistake to get it in 200BB deep with a bottom set when action dictates you're up against a better hand.

  4. "I size up the situation, realizing that he's never folding my next bet, so I raise to $165 - he snap calls."

    If this is so, then the correct bet is to bet all in. If, however, this is a bit of hyperbole, then your raise of $110 more is fine.

    Its semantics, but in this case, its a relevant one.

    1. Yes - more of hyperbole than anything else; if my read is wrong, which it will be about 20% of the time (just made that number up), I want him calling off the bet and auto calling a large turn bet. If I shove, though, it's a huge overbet that I don't think will get called by flush draws and possibly even two pair hands - perhaps sets. Therefore, I keep it "reasonable" with a % pot bet < 100% rather.


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