Friday, March 1, 2013

Annoyed with myself - and my foray into 2/5

I was determined to play 2/5 tonight, so I put myself on the list without even checking the 1/2 seating.  I was able to grab a seat almost immediately - and bought $1k in chips to sit down (figuring I'd top off along the way).  I never even needed to fish any additional money out of my pocket, as I doubled through within 4 hands with a turned flush - I raised pre and got it in on the flop with AhQh vs. QcTh on a 8h9hJd board.  I figured my gutter, over or flush would be good and got it in on the flop.  Turned 7h sealed it when the river blanked.  Playing a few more hands, I switched tables and doubled through again (for $750) with a set.  This 2/5 thing is pretty cool.  I was able to steal a few straddle limps and worked my way up to a $2k profit, which I would leak back a few due to missed flush draws / straight flush draws / etc.

After awhile, I took a dinner break and decided I would go home in an hour.  I switched over to 1/2 because I just didn't want to deal with the stress of every hand, and [illogically] wanted to "book a win."

Here's the hand that has me so peeved - I'm so annoyed that I didin't stick the turn:

I'm in late position and feign raising to limp my KTo.  I'm pretty sure people saw me hesitate over my reds before sticking in 2 whites.  The BTN, as the BTN has been doing since I sat down, played position poker and raised to $12 among 5 limpers.  Calls back to me and I decide to get "tricky" by back raising $25 on top.  In retrospect, it should have been $30-35, but I'm cool with the results.  Calls all around - EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.CALLED.  We see a 56T 2 club board and I lead for $100.  Folds to the young-ish mega chip guy (had $1300 in front of him) who calls.  I tell him to just stick it in; he does not oblige and tells me he's not on a draw.  Turn is a 2 or something off suit.  He checks to me and I get gunshy.  I weakly check with $160 behind.  I have NO IDEA why I didn't just stick it in.  Then, to compound matters, the Jc hits the river and he auto ships.  Tells me he has the flush.  I call anyway in disbelief.  Kc9c FTW!

I'm annoyed with myself.  I lost concentration.  I lost my gut.  I think the end result is the same; he calls my ship on the turn, but I still would rather be shipping than calling.  I talked myself into him having a set on the turn, but yet I called anyway!  WTF??!?!?!

Enough said.  I should be happy with a nice win.  I'm still very upset with the donkey turn check.


  1. its really nice to see theres still at least a few of us who do nothing but gamble, yet dont close out our blogs.

    1. Tony - Thanks for the comment, but I work for a living. For what its worth, I don't view my approach to poker as gambling. Although gambling is an element of the game, I think it's very much a skill game.

  2. 2K profit and then leaked back a few hundo? I would never have leaked it back -- I would have been too busy dancing around. Good job!

  3. Yuck..well at least you know what you did wrong here. @"Stress of every hand"...need to get this stuff out of your head!! Players really aren't THAT much better at 2/5 vs. 1/2 IMO..Nice win though. Hopefully gives you more cajones to keep playing 2/5.

    Check out the really cool hand I just posted. It was from December when I was getting out there more often. Was super deep.


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