Monday, February 11, 2013

The continuation of Quincy Capers

Just a quick entry that Yakshi has been up to his creative genius again, continuing the saga of Quincy Capers.  For those of you who haven't followed from the beginning, he's a fictional boy who is a savant of sorts.  I can't really tell whether he's a legit player or just a luckbox, but he pulls in the $$$.  If you're into comedy and like poker, this is a MUST READ. 

The latest entries can be found on Yakshi's site,  Perhaps Yakshi has the original entries archived somewhere, and can put a comment on my blog pointing you to them, but it serves to have a bit of background, in addition to being able to read the backstory when you're all caught up on his latest entries.


  1. If you search Quincy Capers, there is a 2+2 thread that comes up with the prior stuff.


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