Friday, September 7, 2012

There's that little something you pick up on...

Can't explain it, as I wanted to detail a few more hands from my monster session the other day.  I stacked a guy on the river (which was such a bad board), but still went ahead and stacked him with QQ vs. JJ:

I pick up QQ on the button / hijack and raise to $15 which was typical for me to charge the limpers.  Anything more, I get folds, but less and everybody and their brother come along.  In this case, I get 5 callers and a flop of 8 6 3 - two diamonds.  Checks around to me and I push out $45 into $65, hoping that the little baby pairs didn't hit their sets.  Decent, semi-tight player calls in the BB and grandma pushes her remaining $~5, creating a side pot (BTW, nice call - $15 pre and get it in with $5 on the flop LOL).  Turn is an off suit 8, and I rarely put a semi-tight/ okay player on A8 or suited connectors & random 8's in his range.  If that's the case, he was first to call $15 in the BB and it would be somewhat uncharacteristic of him to make that kind of call with that marginal holding.  I push out $85 and he takes a good long time before making the call (for some reason, I pick up on the fact that he is not on a diamond draw, not on an 8, and place his range squarely on TT, JJ - his mannerisms, his thoughtful call, his hesitation, can't put my finger on it - that squarely strikes his range in this spot; I think he's raising intending to get it in if the trips hit him) but he has around $170 behind.  FWIW, I think he check / raises me on the flop or leads the flop with a set of 6's or 3's (and certainly tries to get it in on the turn given my sizable turn bet).  River is a 6 of diamonds and I push out the $170 figuring if he calls $85 on the turn he'll call $170 river thinking nothing has changed by the river other than the 3 flush...  I'm fairly certain he has me on a not-believing AA which is what I am "trying" to represent / he's playing level 1 poker based on the strength of his hand and his hand alone.  He calls and shows JJ, precisely what I put him on, and I scoop a large side pot to grandma's $90 quadruple up when she hits her AJ diamond flush.  Bummer I couldn't scoop overall, but good read.

The reg next to me could not believe that I pushed the bad board like that with QQ, and I just had that feeling that he was not drawing.  By the 6 double-pairing the board, it all but eliminates the set combos down to 3's.  That fact, coupled with my read of non-draw sets up the river for a shove.  In retrospect, I don't know what I'm going to do if the river is a J or T - I'll be incredulous and disbelieving and I'm not quite sure whether we get it in on the river in that situation.

For what it's worth, I'm still bemoaning the lack of online poker...  If I were playing online poker tournaments, I'd be much happier :-).

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  1. Looks like you depended on your gut -- which includes subtle hints that you might not even be realizing at the moment.

    lol @ grandma's play


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