Monday, September 24, 2012

Royal Flush! And getting paid out on the resultant jackpot!

I played Friday, on my every-other-Friday off work schedule.  As usual, I went up to CTown and grinded there for the better part of 6 hours.  I was card dead for most of the day, treading water, bouncing between down $170 and down $150 until I hit a KJh royal flush!  Ctown offers a jackpot of $1600 for a Heart Royal; half to the winner and half divided between the table.  Boom!  Payday!  And to top things off, I went on a nice little heater to turn my session loss into a nice little session gain.

I guess I'm break-even on the bad beat jackpot contributions now...


  1. Nice. Congrats! I played a few hours yesterday. Heard the bad beat hit at 6:00 am sunday

  2. Yeah... I read your post. Still questioning your big fold early on in the tourney with two pair, but I'll leave a comment on your site about it.

    I was praying for the BBJ - I've been playing on tables where we've consistently been close, but obviously, no cigar. That money sure would be a nice little bonus... not life changing money, but nice comfort money...

  3. Ahh ... it is still nice getting the Royal bonus anyway. And you did better than mine -- $681 for one and zippo for the other (only used one hole card for the second). Congrats!

  4. Nice! I've only had one Royal. It was at a casino and they gad a $200 bonus. The game was no limit and I had two others all in for a huge pot. One guy had a full house and the other guy didn't show. Felt good.

  5. Thanks Mojo! Is it weird that I told my wife that I'm happier about having a winning session than winning the $800? For the day, I won around $200. I think I have mental problems.

    FWIW, I wound up going on a massive 30-hand heater following the royal where I flopped quad Kings and got paid as well as a few other hands.


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