Thursday, May 3, 2012

A quick hand... and an update

In the post- Black Friday world, I am continuing to struggle along - learning more about live poker than I ever thought I would, and actually improving.  I'm around $400 away from break-even at Charles Town, but more importantly, I'm far more comfortable with playing there.  I've found the nights that I should be going (where the players are less inclined to act aggressively, and are mostly passive fish), and the nights to avoid (Friday / Saturday) where the players are aggro and less fishy.  Finally, I've been learning how to take advantage of reads and comprehend what players' bet sizing indicates.

On the point of taking advantage of situations, I have a quick hand to share which I feel as though I played very well:

I'm in the SB with Kd6d and I complete to see a 8-way flop at 1/2.  The flop comes A 6 2 monotone diamonds - I flopped the nuts.  Being the Panicky Pete that I am, I am ultra-concerned about a 4th diamond on the turn and want to get value when and where I can.  I lead for $15 into the $16 pot and get one caller, a middle-aged gentleman who has shown the willingness to call bets light and bluff.  All else fold :-(.  Naturally, a 4th diamond falls on the turn and I feign disappointment.  I check and he bets for me - $25 I think.  I think for awhile and call, trying to represent a weak Ace or weak diamond.  A 5th diamond rivers and the board shows a flush.  I snap bet $50 into the growing pot, fearing that the villain, uncomfortable with the turn of events, will check through the river.  Clearly, this surprises him - the speed at which I bet the river board flush card - and the bet in the first place.  He hadn't expected that bet and I knew it prior to betting the river.  As expected, he took his time in considering the situation.  He counted out a few chips and went back to his cards picking them up as if to muck.  I "interpreted" his move as a call- he did take a long time to act - and claimed, "I play the board...  errr..." and quickly shut up and looked down in "embarrassment."  This action on my part to set his wheels in motion - spinning ever more quickly...  he even said, exasperated, to me, "I don't know what you were doing - whether that was intentional or not..."  In my mind, he's going to fold anyway - at least his actions said fold.  I figured that by blurting that out and acting embarrassed, I would at least get a higher percentage of calls than allowing him to fold quietly.  Finally, he worked up the gall to make the call and I instantly showed him the bad news.  He was *NOT* happy and exclaimed "What a dick!"  True - it was a dick move, but I love the move and will definitely look for an opportunity to do it again!


  1. Mike Caro says that if you think they are going to fold when you have the nuts, do anything. Reach out and knock over your chips, for example. That will sometimes get the villain to start thinking, and then call.

    Dick? I think not. It's called poker.

  2. I have total mixed feelings about this... I feel like it's a scummy move and somewhat of an angle shoot, but on the other hand, I really haven't done anything wrong. I haven't done anything more than use words to influence a decision - it's as if I told the villain what cards I held - no different. This time, however, I lied about the cards I held.

  3. Angle shoot - yes. Make me not want to play with you ever again or kick you out of a home game / stable game - yes. Move I pull with a bunch of random's from time to time - you betcha... but not enough that the casino regulars will cost me value with it.

    By the way - you pull this move while I'm at the table and I ask for a seat change unless the other 8 at the table make it worth it to play with a guy whose shown he will pull sleazy angle shots.

  4. Definitely gray area... I would never pull this in a home game because of exactly that; not cool against your friends. I don't think it's cheating though. I didn't cross any line any more than betting strong or calling my cards, or counting out $100 in chips to get a reaction and then check or bet less... I think they all fall into the same category of acceptable. Again, this is not a move for a home game.


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