Sunday, June 5, 2011

What would you do? #238 - Is this reasonable?

Sorry - it was a Bodog freeroll / no HH, but a re-creation below:

Blinds 30/60

Relevant stacks:

Me (BTN) 2090 chips
Aggrodonk (UTG+2) 2301.25 chips

UTG+2 raises to 210.  I 3bet the BTN to 750.  He flats.

Flop is 5d2d3c.  I plan to shove all flops on a 3bet 1590 pot.  I have 1340 remaining.

He calls with 7d6d.  The turn & river are the 9 & 5 of hearts, so I scoop.

Who is the donkey?  Should I be shoving all flops or should this be checked down?

I honestly don't feel as though I did anything wrong, but it feels like an awkward shove.  FWIW, when I shoved, I had 40% equity.


  1. what were you holding? KK?

    He obv hits the near-perfect flop to crack you, but the mistake in this hand is him calling a huge 3bet with 76s in a tourney, leaving an SPR<1.

    It's only an awkward shove vs. like 5% of his total hands, so shoving flop is a no brainer.

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  3. I left out an important detail, Matt :-). I had AcKc.

    I was writing this up during the tournament, so I was trying to get it transcribed before Bodog crashed or some other disaster.

  4. aha!, well that's a bit different, but I still think it's fine to shove with SPR<1. You probably get many better hands to fold (smaller pairs who incorrectly setmined).

  5. Matt's right. Shoving any flop in this spot is the right play due to the low SPR. Your other option would have been NOT to 3b and then likely be forced to fold to his cont bet (though floating IP with 2 overs is a possibility - he likely would have barrelled with his drawing hand and forced you to fold anyway).

  6. You're only other play is to shove pre and hope to get called by AQ or something similar. That is tough, however because the shove is so big. I like your play here, but note it is higher variance. If you felt you had an edge against these players, I don't like your shove. It is a pretty small edge compared to shoving pre, so pressing your skill advantage is a better play.

  7. I was wondering what you had. If you are shipping all flops after your 3bet due to SPR, I think shipping pre flop would have been better overall. Bodog, huh?


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