Monday, March 6, 2017

Easy game... when you quad up...

Fun little hand for your Monday morning:

1/3 at the Horseshoe on a Thursday night.  I look down in mid position and see JJ.  It's a loose table that will call wide raises, so I open to $15.  I get maybe 3 callers.

We see a flop of Jh9hJd.  Nice flop.  What do I do, though?  2 of the callers in the hand are active players, and will lead any flops, particularly flops where they have good draws.  Therefore, I check, both in shock of flopping the stone nuts (flopping quads sometimes freezes me, since I'm largely unprepared how to play them - LOL), and afraid of scaring anyone off their respective draws and hands.  I check and the donk to my left leads for $15.  A caller follows from across the table - a guy who loves to see flops and play passive unless he hits a hand - and it comes back to me.  I think for a moment and call.

Turn is a an offsuit Ace.  I check again and guy to my left bets out for $25 into $105.  Passive player does what he does best and calls.  I'm pretty certain the Ace hit one of them - on an Ace high flush draw (i.e. Ahxh).  I need to get money in the pot without folding them out -- and pray for a heart.  I opt to raise on the small side to $65.  I feel like this is a completely transparent to most players -- check / raising small is a pretty big tell for strength -- but with these guys, they just snapped it off to see what peels the river.  They don't have a second thought.

Well, the river is the golden card - another offsuit Ace.  One of these guys just boated on a backdoor!  The guy to my left is sitting on around $325 effective, and Mr. Passive has around $200.  I'm pretty sure on my left is the boat, and Mr. Passive is folding any bet.  I also think no matter what, my left is always betting when checked, but I'm not sure whether he's raising in that spot.  I also want to potentially capture Mr. Passive's money if he decides to call again, but doubt he's ever calling a bet / raise all in.  Therefore, I decide to check the river intending to raise all in when it gets around to me.  I check and my left bets $125.  Mr. Passive [unfortunately] folds and I raise all in.  My left calls and flips over AhQh for the boat, but my quads hold :-).  Easy game.


  1. Nicely played. However, you might wish to edit one little part -- about flopping the stone nuts. My first thought, before finishing reading the post, was that QQ, KK and AA could go runner runner to bad (horrible) beat you. The turn and river were great for you ... as long as no one had Aces. Of course, things like that only happen ONLINE, u see.

  2. Lightning Bad Beat amount is a lot bigger than the pot in question. So, someone having a runner runner quad hand is a good thing for PM.

  3. Thats call lucky hand i wish i had that when i play poker online but,nope everytime I endup at loosing side.hope if I get little bit luck as you have i will win at holdem this weekend.


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