Monday, February 20, 2017

Playing online a bit...

I'm trying to grind up a small stake on one of the online sites.  I FINALLY broke down and bought a stat tracker, so I'm not able to make more optimal decisions.  Here's the first interesting hand where the HUD gave me an advantage:

hub2325(UTG) $3.20      -  VP:44 PFR:6 AF:9.0 W:29|50 STL:0|67 3B:10| CB:100|0 N:0.47 Hands:18
hagmar7(MP) $2.04       -  VP:17 PFR:9 AF:5.0 W:11|100 STL:33|100 3B:0| CB:80|100 N:0.04 Hands:89
Ethan Hawley(CO) $2.04  -  VP:18 PFR:0 AF:1.0 W:14|67 STL:0|100 3B:0| CB:|57 N:-0.83 Hands:98
PC_2(BTN) $2.03         -  VP:59 PFR:36 AF:2.3 W:14|60 STL:74|33 3B:5|67 CB:83|33 N:0.78 Hands:74
Vezen7(SB) $2.04        -  VP:16 PFR:11 AF:Inf. W:0| STL:33|86 3B:0| CB:100|100 N:0.02 Hands:38
Me(BB) $3.49            -  VP:33 PFR:16 AF:2.3 W:19|80 STL:18|50 3B:9|0 CB:88|50 N:1.77 Hands:98

Pre Flop: Me(BB) with [2h,3c]
hub2325(UTG) calls 0.02, hagmar7(MP) folds, Ethan Hawley(CO) folds, PC_2(BTN) folds, Vezen7(SB) calls 0.01, Me(BB) checks

Flop: (6d,2d,Tc) (3 players)
Vezen7(SB) checks, Me(BB) bets 0.06, hub2325(LP) calls 0.06, Vezen7(SB) folds

Turn: Qs (2 players)
Me(BB) checks, hub2325(LP) bets 0.06, Me(BB) calls 0.06

River: 5s (2 players)
Me(BB) checks, hub2325(LP) bets 0.19, Me(BB) calls 0.19

hub2325(UTG) shows [Ks,Ac]
Me(BB) shows [2h,3c]
Me(BB) wins 0.65

TL; DR: Limped pot in the BB with 23o.  I lead a decent flop for nut low pair and get called.  I check turn which is another over to my pair.  LP bets tiny into a decent pot and I call.  River I check a blank and LP again bets smallish.  I snap because the story makes no sense and am shown an AK high bluff.  Only reason I'm calling is LP player has an off-the-charts agression factor (infinite at the time we're playing this hand.  

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