Friday, September 23, 2016

Bad beat at the 'Shoe!

It finally happened!  After 1610 hours of play, I was finally involved in a bad beat jackpot in live poker!  I’ve never seen a bad beat happen in a brick and mortar casino, and in the millions of hands I’ve played online, I’ve only seen it happen once.  Now, though, I can claim I’ve seen not one straight flush (a rarity in and of itself), but two straight flushes in the same hand; one higher than the other.

I got the chance to play last Friday night.  The wife and I were not going out, as it was my son’s birthday and he wanted to have a sleepover.  After a nice Friday dinner at home, clearing the table of dirty dishes, and getting the kids settled in with a movie I found my way out to garage and was soon traveling along the I-95 corridor headed north to Baltimore’s Horseshoe.  After an uneventful trip, I was seated immediately.

The first hour or two were fairly standard – I was coolered / outplayed in two particular hands:
  • I called a PFR with T9dd, raised the flop $15 cbet to $45 on a J 9 6 dd board and got shoved on for $90 total by 96hh.  Didn’t get there on any of my 1000 outs…  Okay – 16+ outs (counting the backdoor straight), but still – I run good! 
  •  Then, I called a $12 PFR with JTo in the BB along with 6 other players, called a $25 weak cbet on a J 5 7 cc board along with 5 other players and open shipped a turned top two but was called by a (IMO terribly played) bottom set of 5’s for around $120.
Down a buy-in from the aforementioned hands and a few miscellaneous speculative calls, I rebought to a full $300 and sat patiently, waiting for the hands that would never happen…

Mid-way through the session, a 20-something sits down to my left, clearly having a good time during what turns out to be his friend’s bachelor party.  2 hands into his session, he decides to open limp what turns out to be 34ss.  I must have checked my crappy, unmemorable 2 cards in the BB, but the flop comes 5s6s7d.  The action went bet, raise, re-raise, all in for $96 from the BTN.  After a hesitation, my partying friend finally called for the remaining $16 from his re-raise.  I figured the button for the flopped straight, but didn’t figure the kid for the dumb end of it.  Well, they flip their cards, and I realize what bad shape my friend is – not only is he crushed by the better straight, but his opponent has him covered for all but 1 card in his flush outs – he needs to hit a 2s to win the hand.

The dealer doesn’t wait – he immediately throws out the 7s to make both hands straight flush.  I instantly realized – a genuine bad beat!  Booyah!

Unfortunately for the two guys (and the rest of the table), the ‘Shoe does bad beats a bit differently, where they pay $200 for Jacks full beaten (I was on the receiving end of that once, see here, $400 for Queens full (ironically, a player at the table behind me hit that moments before we hit ours), Kings full through Aces full of Tens for $750, Aces full of Jacks+ for $2500, and quads beaten gets $10k divided among the following: $500 to each player, 70% remaining to the loser and 30% remaining to the winner.  So, I got paid the table share, $500, and the loser / winner got $4200 & $1800 respectively.  Anywhere else, we all would have received $10k+, and the winner / loser would have gotten quite a bit more…  Oh well.  Good times at the ‘Shoe!


  1. Great story but the ending was a bit disappointing due to the payouts. Congrats!

  2. anywhere? the players room share here was only $841 on the $91,000 BBJ

  3. Hey - a bonus is still a bonus. Congrats! How long was the table out of action while they figured things out?

    1. Surprisingly the table wasnt out of action at all. We continued to play while the floor sorted things out. The only holdup was to collect IDs from each player.

    2. Were IDs needed for the $500 winners? MDL IDs for over $600 only, I think.

    3. IDs were needed (excluding the winners of the high / low hands) if you didn't have a Caesars rewards card.

    4. Oh, I didn't know a player still gets paid even without a CRC.

    5. Yeah everyone at the table is eligible. You only need to not have a missed blind button in front of you in order to get paid. In other words, if you posted your SB / BB and were at the bathroom during the hand, you'll still get paid.


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