Friday, June 5, 2015

A quick good luck to all those playing the WSOP events

I missed a post on the poker tells series that I've been doing each week - that took a back seat to the real world work.  I've been so slammed between my job & starting the next semester of school that I haven't had much breathing room.

All work and no play makes Poker Meister a dull boy, as they say...  Therefore, I was able to get in a session last night.  I took what was shaping up to be my best session ever - I hit all sorts of improbably BS from the blinds - J4 boated, a concealed QJ straighted, a 34ss backdoor straighted and called a river c/r all in bluff, etc. - that I was running on God mode, until it stopped.  It was a bit deflating after crushing for the first 2 hours, but I came off my peak in the ensuing 3 hours, nevertheless turning in a solid session.

Anyway, I wanted to wish all of my friends - online & off - a quick good luck out there at the tables in Vegas this week!  Good luck to Josh, [I think] PPP, MOJO, Lighting36, Brian, [looks like] edgie, Rob, GolfPro and any others who I may have forgotten!  I hope each of you can bring home a bracelet!


  1. Dhanyavad! That is thank you in Hindi!


  2. Running like god is great ... at the right table and at the right time. Running like god at a super-tight table that has just opened sucks!

    I had a great time in Las Vegas. Will soon be hitting the poker rooms in the Phoenix area again and then either Reno or Las Vegas. I imagine the time left before you go to Sin City is ticking away very slowly ... lol.


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