Monday, January 20, 2014

Rare 4-way all-in... How did I hold up with my AA?

I'm figuring an AA vs. AA vs. KK vs. QQ type setup hand...

Surprisingly, I'm up against random pairs - 88, 55, QQ (maybe I understand, but given the action.... WTF?)

Somehow, I hold up though:

($ represent .001 BTC; roughly $20NL)
Poker Stars $0.10/$0.20 No Limit Hold'em - 5 players
The Hand History Converter

SB: $21.84
BB: $3.20
Hero / UTG: $20.00
CO: $20.00
BTN: $43.19

Pre Flop: ($0.30)
Hero raises to $0.60, CO raises to $2.60, BTN calls $2.60, 1 fold, BB calls $2.40, Hero raises to $20.00 all in, CO calls $17.40 all in, BTN calls $17.40, BB calls $0.60 all in

Flop: ($63.30) 2d Ks 7s (4 players - 3 are all in)

Turn: ($63.30) 4c (4 players - 3 are all in)

River: ($63.30) 2h (4 players - 3 are all in)

Final Pot: $63.30
UTG wins $62.70
(Rake: $0.60)
Board [2d Ks 7s 4c 2h]

Seat 2: BB mucked [Qc Qd] -- Unkown
Seat 4: Hero collected (mɃ62.7) shows [As Ad]
Seat 5: CO mucked [8s 8h]  -- Aggro, loose
Seat 6: BTN mucked [5s 5c] --  Aggro, donkish (clearly)


  1. Do you find it hard to play for small stakes online compared to live 2/5?

    1. I actually think the online small stakes is a fun warmup for the live 2/5. I think the thought processes of the online players are much the same as the live 2/5 players - so there isn't too much of a change from one to the other. If you asked about the 1/2 players, I'd say that the small stakes online community is light years ahead of the 1/2 live players - you can somewhat range the online players, where it's not altogether unheard of to see a live player playing a 100/0 (calling all raises and 3bets). My favorite live player limps and calls a large 3bet pot... I always chuckle inside when I see their hand was good enough to limp and also call.... oh... say... $45 preflop with $150 behind...

      Although you see that online sometimes, it is far less frequent as the online players get it that they're behind and committing 25% stacks with slim to no odds to draw out on the flop.

    2. I guess I didn't use the correct word in my question. "Hard" as in hard to be motivated to play small pots let's say $10-$50 while live it's $50-$200+ . I understand what you're saying about skill level though.

    3. Nah... The reality is if I'm 8-10 tabling between 10-50 NL, that's higher stakes than $200-$500. The way I think of it is that I have a reduced variance across 10 tables @ an average 20NL (a total of $200 in action) vs. 1 table of $200. It's challenging in a different way, but I'm equally motivated to do well - if not more motivated because the skill edge shines through so much more when you're playing 10 tables (again, because of the reduced variance), than when you're playing 1 table.

      Don't know if what I wrote makes any sense....

    4. OK, I did not know (remember) that you are 10 tabling. Skill > Luck, when you play more hands - Got it. Thanks

    5. Exactly! Skill > Luck when you can fit more hands in the same time span.

  2. LDO question for you call off with QQ like the BB did, knowing what you know about CO and BTN?

    1. It's really a tough spot... I'm assuming you mean if you're full stacked... Short stacked like that, this is an absolute call for $3.60 and only like $1 more. Full stacked, you're getting 3:1 on your money when you make the call, and I think you're better than 3:1 some of the time - it's a marginal losing call if someone always shows up with AA (you need 4:1 to call for an even money) so you're giving up 5% but it's a possible AK v AK v JJ - it can be justified like that. I think I make the call here against those LAGbots and if it's a cooler, I'm not getting my money in terribly bad with a -5% edge.

  3. I like your thinking, but I think I nit-fold here, giving a lot of credit to you and the BTN for over-calling. In a tournament I definitely sigh-fold.

    1. These guys are more skilled than monkey button mashers, and this move was certainly surprising especially given the end results. However, folding JJ is really hard at this level / stakes against these types of stats-oriented players (i.e. 40+/30+ with a 15% 3bet). They're potentially so light all the time it's a really tough fold.

      In other words, this is not your father's Oldsmobile - we're not playing Tilt or Stars. These guys are overall way worse than your average donk at those 2 sites...

  4. "I think the thought processes of the online players are much the same as the live 2/5 players"

    More hilariously unintentional comedy. Can you imagine some fish treating his opponents in live 2-5 the same way as 10 cent - 20 cent online button mashing? And then defending it later?

    Classique. Keep it up.

    1. Again, keep hiding behind the mask of anonymity - and moreover, not sharing any of your views. Good to keep nay say every line, bet or call, while not producing any thoughts worthy of merit...


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