Thursday, May 2, 2013

A stupid hand at 1/2 - nutted on with nary a chance of catching up...

I had forgotten about putting a post together to detail last week's session, so I'm going by memory here:

5 hands in, I am dealt TT from the BB and raise to $14 after a host of 4 limpers (including SB).  I get 2 callers and see a Qh 7h 4 flop.  I cbet $25 and get called in one spot, an alert player who thinks he's fancy but ABC.  The turn is Th and I lead again - he took his time in calling the flop bet so I don't put him on a draw; he's got KQ or some such hand.  I lead for $50 and he INSTA-raises me all in to $200.  I call and he slams down his pocket 4's for the flopped set (with the 4h).  I show my set of T's and he proceeds to hit a heart on the river for the scoop.  Amazing part was he was genuinely surprised to be pushed the pot; he didn't realize he 4 flushed me.  Buy in down.

I'm over it.

But here's the hand that annoys me:
AK on the BTN.  I raise to $16 after 5 limps (don't remember effective stack sizes but I have $200; in reverse, I guess villain has $~100).  One caller - older tightish player.  Flop comes 3 7 7.  Checks.  I cbet $25 and he calls (60 behind).  King on the turn and I lead for $30, he c/r's all in to $60 and I pay him off with his flopped 3's full.

What annoys me is the continuing bet of $30 on the turn - I am doubting myself as to whether I should have checked through the turn and c/c the river or c/f the river.  Tight old man making a call on the flop - my thinking at the time is he has a ton of pocket pairs + x7 + set of 3's.  Him check / raising the turn all in, he *has to have a 7 or set of 3's*.  I just can't see him showing up with worse.  Sometimes, the internet play gets the better of me & I think "cooler, meh, gonna pay it off; I'm either way behind or way ahead."  I have to get out of this mindset in live play because FAR MORE FREQUENTLY THAN NOT, I'm way behind.  Even for $30 +$30 additional.


  1. second hand is the ultimate in results-oriented thinking - of course you bet the turn and commit yourself. You just caught all his pairs except 3 combos of 33 and one combo of 77 - there are way more than 4 combos of hands you just caught. Furthermore, many players are paying you off with all those pairs since the pot is 90+ and they only have $60 behind.

    You don't check behind because he's going to checkraise with 10% of his range. If 10% of his range is going to checkraise, and 50% of it is going to pay off a better hand, then of course you bet for value.

    1. I would agree for most normal circumstances, but I guess I didn't accurately describe the player: he's a fit or folder. I'm debating whether the $30 river bet was the wrong in the hand or calling off the extra $30 on the check/raise. I know I'm throwing money away with calling the c/r on the turn, but the good majority of his hands are folding that didn't match this board.

      In the end, at a minimum, the take-away from this hand is that I need to be able to fold to $30 regardless the odds the pot is laying me; when I'm beat, I'm beat and I know it.

  2. I posted a similar hand last week -- My AQ on a J33 flop. I continued on the flop, caught a Q on the turn and bet it. Villain called the turn, and we check/check the river. You commented on the hand and said you were 50/50 to bet the river there (by which I assume you are betting the turn).

    Of course, different villain (mine was a donk). But, still, I tend to agree with Tag above -- results oriented analysis by questioning whether you should have fired the turn.

  3. Hi PM,

    I kinda agree with your thinking. Anytime there is a check raise at CT in a 1/2 Game it is definitely better than a single pair. If he is only left with another 30 then it might be a no brainer to call the additional 30 to catch the 3 outer K. If he has more, then you might need to reevaluate your call on the turn.



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