Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yup... Heads-up is pretty cool

I wish I could capture a few hand histories, but wow...  there are such polarizing players in heads-up play.  To my experience (limited to 4 days), I've taken note of three types of players: the solid, well-rounded hand reader, the gambler, and the tilter.
  • The solid, well-rounded hand reader
    Buys in full, 100BB.  Tops off his stack whenever he falls below the 80BB threshold.  Can fold and raise his button, and absolutely folds his blinds to raises.  His range is somewhat predictable meaning that it will take somewhat of a cooler to stack him.  He is capable of calling with Ace high if the situation warrants.  Raises his button about 66% of the time.
  • The gambler
    Buys in for 25-50BB.  Plays any two cards.  Primarily relies on getting lucky and calling down whenever he hits any piece of the board.  Once he gets stacked, he's done.  If he's on the doubling end, he's gone as well, happy to take his double-up.  Rarely raises, bets only when he has top pair.  Loves to min bet (WTF is with that!?!??!).
  • The tilter
    More rare but very lucrative.  This player is similar to the gambler in his buy-in habits and pre-flop ranges.  However, he'll continuously rebuy for his standard 25-50BB and look out if he gets stacked back-to-back!  For example, I had a guy who I was pretty sure went through his entire bankroll last night.  He bought in twice for 35BB and then rebought for the nice round number of $17.94 at a 25NL table.  Pretty sure I busted his roll.
I'm currently playing with ranges and gaming the game.  For example, since Bodog / Bovada has anonymous tables, does it make sense to try to steal blinds at the higher stakes?  In other words, if I sit & wait for a player and raise his blind (getting him to fold), if I drop the table afterwards, is it profitable?  Not saying that this is acting in good faith because it isn't, but how long before people start doing that on Bodog / Bovada?  Why shouldn't it be me?

As an aside, Bodog is offering $15-$30 per week as part of their Cash Per Suit promotion for the next month.  Play 25 points for 4 out of 7 days and make $25.  Play 25 points for 7 out of 7 days and make $30.  Seems to me that the 4 out of 7 days sequence makes the most sense.

Look for me on the tables!  I'm "Player 1."


  1. Look for me on the tables! I'm "Player 1."


  2. rebought for the nice round number of $17.94 at a 25NL table.

    pretty safe bet that that wall all his dough.

    They (Bovada) want you to play more, then start talking about points. I don't understand points, so probably miss out on some free money.

  3. I don't understand the points thing on Bovada. Seems they make it complicated.

  4. @Mojo - Pretty simple; you have points listed under your available cash in the lobby. The points accumulate per hand and you need to accumulate 25 points in 4 days out of the next 7 (starting this past Monday) in order to get the $30. For 10 points in 4 out of 7 I think the payout is $15 or something like that.


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