Friday, July 1, 2011

L.A. / El Segundo area poker rooms?

I have a business trip scheduled for July 11 - 15 to El Segundo / Los Angeles.  I'll be staying approx. 5 minutes from LAX.  Does anyone have any suggestions for poker rooms in the area?  Best I could find, there are two casinos immediately in the vicinity:

Larry Flynt's Hustler Club
Hollywood Park

If I drive a bit further away, I can go to the world's largest poker room, the Commerce Casino.  Nearby to Commerce, I can opt to go to the Bicycle Club.

In prior business trips, I think I've been to the Bicycle Club, but don't recall it being particularly memorable.  Obviously, the Bike & Commerce are world famous and have quite a bit of history - places where Johnny F'ing Chan and Barry Greenstein, among others, cut their teeth.  However, is the walk down memory lane / homage worth it?  I'd imagine that the time difference between the two closest casinos and the two better casinos is around 30 minutes in L.A. traffic.


P.S.  Of course, whatever the decision, you'll get a trip report.  Hopefully, I'll have the time to visit each of the rooms at least once, so I'll come back laden with pictures and recaps of the players.

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