Tuesday, January 3, 2023

The 'ole Zeebo trick

 File this one under "they never fold a full house," boys...

Admittedly, I shouldn't be arrogant about it, but this guy was just to big of a fish to not shove my quads on him.  However, the story goes as follows:

6-max $10NL, folds around to the fish BTN who decides to limp.  SB folds to me and I raise to $0.65, which the fish, as fish are known to do, calls.

Flop comes a beautiful AA9 rainbow.  Now, it's unlikely the fish is trapping, but it's even more unlikely he connected with this flop.  Therefore I opt to check, and it checks through.

Turn is a Kh putting a 2flush on the board.  I have to start getting some value for the hand, and he's not likely to pay off any hands unless he has a worse Ace (unlikely given that it'll be the case Ace, or the flop check will get him to pay off his Kx hands).  I delay cbet $0.95 into $1.55 and he snap calls.

River is the most beautiful Ac, giving me quads - the only better card would have been a random Kx or 9x in retrospect.  However, with quads, against this guy, I'm not just potting it and calling it a day...  no... this guy has a boat and he'll pay off.  Therefore I ship $8.30 into $3.45 and he pauses for a good 20 seconds before making the call and doubling me up.

Zeebo.  It's good.


  1. Ahhhh ... but the trick is getting quads in the first place. Recently in live poker action, I flopped a spade straight flush. The river gave the board three spades. I put out a value bet and was shocked to see my opponent raise me. I decided to wait forever and stare at him, then finally announced "all in." He insta-called and flipped over his rivered Ace-high flush. Not wanting to be a dick, I quickly turned over my cards so that he and the table could see my flopped straight flush. Sometimes poker can be a really fun game.

    1. Very similar situation. In these situations, we shouldn't worry about losing value by overbetting the pot if we believe the opportunity to stack our opponent has merit. It's a simple formula which requires objective estimation: % opponent calls an all in * $$$ bet value. Compare the overbet shove factored $$$ to the "reasonable bet" factored value and most of the time, you should go with the greater of the two.

      In the example above, I estimated around 40% chance he calls $8.30 and 75% chance he calls a bet like $2.65. You can see that I make ~$3.32 factored with the shove vs. ~$1.99 factored with the "reasonable" bet. The shove makes 13BB more profit!

    2. @lightning u were already a dick when u waited forever to act. @the poker meister in my opinion a fish is someone who thinks they will win online. online sucks. its only should be played to have a chance to play extremely low stakes non holdem games or a $1.10 to $3.50 sng because live tournies in casinos u cannot finish in 90 minutes like u can a 1 table sng online. i do it in bed before i sleep but certainly dont ever play $10 in a holdem cash game. i dont trust online any more than i would trust a dealer whose hand holding and dealing from a double deck BJ game instead of a shoe.

  2. Nice hand! Good job on getting the full double up.


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