Thursday, October 31, 2013

More Sunday night recap

Happy Halloween!  Some observations and tales of hands I was not involved with:

I saw a LAG call $70 on the flop and $132 on the river with nothing more than a Jack high flush draw - and get there on the good player.  This was the same guy who doubled me within my first 5 hands with an overpair to his supposed AQ / Qx.  Some fish will never learn...

So as he's stacking his chips, he grabs a rack and starts to pack up his $700+ winnings.  I start talking to him - the whole table is quite quiet except for me and the guy who's in a daze about losing $250 on a naked non-nut flush draw on the river.  He tells us he has to go to work and I tell him that he can't just leave after winning a big pot.  I tell him he needs to stay and try to win my $500 (at the time) stack!  I told him, "You know, you ought to stay - we're going to talk about you when you leave!" (because of his horrendous call on the turn for the chips).  I try everything I can to convince him to stay and he stops packing after a bit of banter and says that he has to go call his wife.  Obviously, I'm in total agreement - go... take your time... just come back and play some more!

He comes back and sits back down; he forgot to take out the $200 out of his pocket from when he started packing up, which was fine by me... I wasn't going to remind him.  I tried engaging him in chatter - I find out that he works for Home Depot, a bit of his life story, etc.  Nice guy, but HUGE gambler.  Now, when I tell you it was a Tale of Two Cities with this guy, I mean it.  It was like a whole new person sitting down with his fresh $500 stack.  He went from a 50 VPIP to around a 15 VPIP.  He was no longer calling raises.  No longer limping into pots.  He was limp / folding.  It was funny how much he tightened up.  I guess he hit his pressure point where the money became meaningful.


There was a new waitress on staff Sunday.  To say she was awful was being kind.  I've never seen anything like her.  This poor guy - the one I described above, though in a separate hand against the same villain - ordered a sandwich 5-10 minutes prior to her arriving with the order.  He's in the midst of a hand and the villain has just carved out a check raise followed by a $150 bet on the turn.  I've found that when the villain is really active like that, he has the goods more often then not; i.e. he's not a bluffer, just a LAGgy pre-flop player.  Anyway, dude is crumbling from the pressure, deciding what to do and this waitress keeps saying "excuse me," and "sir, I have your order."  Waitress wants attention NOW!  She's the only thing going on in the room.  Dude is trying to keep in the zone and mostly ignoring her.  I in fact try to placate the situation by telling the waitress to just sit tight.  She's having none of that - "sir... excuse me sir...  I need you to sign..."  Finally, she breaks his concentration and gets his attention.  She puts his sandwich in front of him, on the rail - not even bothering to get a portable table.  This poor guy is in the middle of a hand and she just hands him the plate!  WTF?  Terrible terrible terrible form.  He ends up folding but wow - this waitress just about won every award there is to win for worst waitress award.


A quick shout out to my buddy Ed who chopped first place money for the $330 Sunday tourney.  Nice score!  I would love to get into tourney action, as my [former] co-blogger Josh has played a lot lately as well, and has done quite well.  I just can't logically wrap my head around playing for all those hours only to be coolered or sucked out on and nothing to show for it.  Cash, you can rebuy when you have a fish at your table.  Tourneys - not so quickly; the fish can move on while you're on the sideline.  I hate tourneys, but the money is oh so appealing!


  1. You're right about tournaments. So many times you play well and come away with nothing. A big score is sweet, however.

  2. did the dude tip her anyway? i am amazed how ppl autotip 4 bad service.whether it is at the coffee shop or whatever.

  3. Where else can you expect to win 1300 (chopped 6 ways) for a 80 buy-in.

    Your ROI will be lot better than cash if you finish in top 5.

    It is like golf, once you hit a few good shots and par or under par a few holes, you always keep coming back for more.


  4. I imagine the guy in the beginning of the post ratholed the $200 to make sure he would come out even at worst. And knowing that he was overmatched at the table or was just putting in some extra time before leaving, no way was he going to risk more than a few chips unless he had a monster.

  5. Tournaments are where bankrolls go to die


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